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Airbrush Spray Tanning

All of our tans are completely customized to your needs. We offer body contouring included in each tan which promises to leave you with a more sculpted look! Beachy bronzed tone, never orange! 

Our tans are: 

  • 100% vegan, 100% cruelty-free.

  • Made from naturally-derived ingredients.

  • Water-based solution.

  • Paraben-free, nut oil-free, gluten-free.

  • Made without mineral oils.

  • Free of harsh dyes and chemicals.

  • Include vitamins A,B,C,D and E.

  • Inclue Aloe Vera, Elderflower,white and Green Tea Extract.

  • Include Coconut, Jojoba, Meadowfoam oil

  • Tan last up to 10 days (with proper care and application).


BEACH BUM - Standard Solution


8-12 Hour Processing Time

Ready to glow up? Our luxury spray tans will give you a natural, never orange tan! Our standard solutions process between 8 to 12 hours and are perfect for anyone who wants a flawless glow. We incorporate body contouring into every tan to assure you are looking and *most importantly* FEELING your best!

SUN ON THE RUN - Rapid Solution

2-5 Hour Processing Time

Lookin' for a quickie? Our rapid solution is for you! This luxury spray tan will give you a natural, never orange tan just like our "Glow Up" Standard Solution but in a fraction of the time! Got an event tonight? No problem! Rapid tans are rinse-off-ready in 2-5 hours depending on the depth of tan you wish to receive. Just like our standard solution tans, body contouring is incorporated into every service.


Pre-Tan Care

Post-Tan Care

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Shower 4+ hours prior to your appointment 

  • Exfoliate your skin 24 hours prior to your appointment

  • Shave 24 hours prior to your appointment (optional)

  • Wax 48 hours prior to your appointment (optional) 

  • Remove any makeup

  • Do not have any creams, lotions, oils, perfumes or deodorant on your skin

  • Wear loose dark clothing to your appointment 


  • Drink extra water leading up to your appointment

  • Do not use cream based soaps

  • Exfoliate using a rough non-oily body scrub 


  • DO NOT get your skin wet during your processing time (hours after tan before rinsing off solution)

  • DO NOT wax after your tan

  • DO NOT exfoliate until before your next tan or when your tan has started to come off

  • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water

  • Keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing twice daily

  • Refrain from using dull razors to shave 


  • DO NOT use Dove products or other harsh body washes as it strips your tan

  • Avoid excessive use of pools or hot tubs with chlorine​

  • When shaving use a fresh razor as using a dull blade will remove your tan


Absolutely not! Our tans have a neutral tone base to ensure that your tan will be as natural as possible. We will go over the options for your tan at your appointment and choose which solution is best for you.


No, spray tans do not act as sun protectant and only tans the outer layer of skin, meaning as your skin naturally sheds, so will your tan.


To ensure deep moisture, use natural or fragrance free moisturizers. The less alcohol/fragrance in the product, the better!
Virgin coconut oil after rinsing your tan is a perfect, natural way to keep your tan lasting its best.


Sunless tanners contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which reacts with the amino acids in the dead layer of your skin. DHA combines with the amino acids to form brown-colored melaninoids. It is not absorbed into the body and is non-toxic. DHA is derived from sugar cane and was discovered back in the 1920's. It was approved by the FDA in 1973.

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