Durham's Best Sugaring Hair Removal



  • Sugaring is made up of sugar cane, lemon and water - it is 100% natural and edible!

  • Sugaring is applied with gloves and is NEVER double dipped in the same pot.

  • Once the paste has been used and finished, it is discarded and a new glove and new paste is started.

  • Sugar only ever touches the person being sugared at the time.

  • Sugar paste is rolled on in the opposite direction of the hair growth and flicked off in the same direction as the hair growth. Similar to how women are taught to tweezer their eye brows - going with the hair. The hair comes back much thinner, finer, softer, with significantly less ingrown hairs.

  • The hair should ideally be ¼ inch in length. Think of a grain of rice or sharpened pencil lead, and longer for best results. Usually about 1.5 weeks post shaving and 4-6 weeks of regrowth for optimal results. This of course, can range from person to person.


Sugaring Price List

Brow Shaping | 12
Upper Lip | 7
Chin | 7
Cheeks | 10
Full Face | 30
Underarms | 19
Half Arms | 28
Full Arms | 40
Full Legs | 75
Half Legs | 40
Bikini | 20
French Bikini | 30
Brazilian | 45